Tea Tree Handmade Bath Soap-(PACK OF 3X100GM)

Key Features

Helps in deep cleansing and mild exfoliation to plump the skin with extra hydration. Removes dark spots, acne, and scars. Its antibacterial properties may control excess oil on the skin. Prevents skin itching & irritation. Prevents fungal infection on the most covered areas of skin. Absorb the sweat & prevents the body odor to the maximum duration. Provides complete nourishment & rejuvenation.


Aqua, Glycerine Soap Base, Aloe Vera ext., Wheatgerm Cold pressed oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Cold Pressed Oil, Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Tea Tree Leaf

How To Use

Wet the Tea tree soap with water and lather on your palms. Apply on your wet face and body and massage well. Rinse it off and pat dry.

Who Is It For

Anyone can use this tea tree soap. Ideal for people struggling with suntanned, rough, dry, and excessively oily skin. People who are seeking a natural way to get rid of fungal infections or who sweats a lot must try this out. Suitable for all skin types. For better results, use twice a day, morning and evening.

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Our handmade soap is carefully sourced with 100% natural ingredients, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and are dermatologically tested. Hence, ideal for all skin & hair types.

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Sage Apothecary USP

Sage apothecary handmade natural bath soap : a wide range of handmade bath soaps by sage apothecary which provide : great fragrance that lingers throughout the day. Promotes nourishment to skin. Refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. Fights body odor. This moisturizing and nourishing handmade soap is made from 100% natural oil which contains many nutrients that helps in nourishment of the skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 517 reviews Write a review
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