Castor Oil for Skin Care, Hair Growth

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Castor oil is a skin-conditioning agent, which indicates it can help make the skin soft and supple. It has been proven to penetrate skin and can help other elements in skincare products penetrate as well. Castor oil has historically been known to treat hair and skin problems. It's an elixir for supple skin and luscious hair.


Cold pressed castor oil


Castor Oil - Without any preservatives or additives, our castor carrier oil is unfiltered and undiluted. It's a wonderful carrier oil, packed with vitamins and fatty acids. This magnificent oil may be used for anything from skin care to hair care and so much more.

For Hair - It traps moisture in the hair shaft, thickening and darkening each strand. It also improves blood flow to the scalp, giving the hair follicles more nutrition. This hair oil is suitable for both men and women and is suitable for all hair types.

For Skin - Castor Oil is believed to be extremely nourishing to the skin. It contains many awesome fatty acids which deeply penetrate the skin tissue. Applying castor oil to the skin can have many benefits and is highly moisturizing.

For Eyelashes and Nails - Castor oil is rich in nutrients that help to stimulate natural lash and hair regrowth. This oil is high in fatty acids, antioxidants, and proteins, which tend to thicken eyelashes and give them a natural volume. Castor oil is recognised for its ability to strengthen nails as well.

How to Use - For deep hair- conditioning treatment, work a quarter size amount into wet hair then shampoo after 5-10 minutes, as a skin conditioner, apply to damp skin after showering to hydrate and seal in moisture.

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